About us

Company VS Consulting Ltd expertise, finance, accounting and auditing company Ltd Doboj was founded in 2019. The business name is VS Consulting Ltd Doboj.

The Company is organized as a one-member limited liability company for the purpose of performing its activities and for the purpose of profit. It aligned its work with applicable laws, regulations, customary practices and other conditions, with the capacity to provide professional services in the territory of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

VS Consulting is a consulting company, founded by a certified auditor and expert in the economic profession, Vladimir Stanimirovic, who, before founding the company, engaged in activities requiring possession for a long period of time:

    • licensed auditor,
    • appointed economic expert,
    • licenses of a certified accountant  and
    • many other businesses (Trustee, Liquidator, Web Designer, Google Partner Marketing Consultant, etc.).

For more information on the owner and founder, see the founder’s online website (Online Business Card) www.stanimirovic.com.

Beside Vladimira Stanimirovića, Dragan Janjić, MSc, is engaged in the firm, who is also a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka, studying in a field that is directly or indirectly applied to economic expertise (direction: Business finance, banking and insurance). In addition to the jobs of economic experts, Dragan performs all kinds of studies in the field of economic profession. More about Dragan here.

The vision and the mission of the company are related to the provision of professional services of business and financial consulting, expert evaluation, accounting and auditing, in an effort to meet the specific requirements and needs of clients. Respecting the specific goals and needs of our clients, we strive to realize our strategic goal, which is a proactive approach to their needs.

The basis of a proactive approach and goal realization is a professional service whose basic elements are:

  1. application of knowledge and experience,
  2. application of legal regulations,
  3. acting independently, impartially and consistently,
  4. high professional standards,
  5. responsibility,
  6. teamwork, collaboration and partnership approach,
  7. customer adaptability and
  8. result oriented with optimal use of resources.

When providing professional services, the company, as well as its employees, and hired personnel, apply acquired knowledge and experience, and in particular the following licenses, certificates and solutions:

  1. certificate and license of a certified auditor (Federation of Accountants and Auditors of Republika Srpska and Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska),
  2. Certified Certified Internal Auditor (Association of Internal Auditors),
  3. certificate and license of a certified internal auditor in the public sector of Republika Srpska (Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska),
  4. licensed Certified Accountant (Republika Srpska Association of Accountants and Auditors),
  5. Certificate of competence for performing external audit of internal audit quality (Association of Internal Auditors),
  6. decision on the appointment of an expert in the economic profession (Ministry of Justice of the Republika Srpska),
  7. other licenses and solutions, such as a bankruptcy trustee, an authorized Google advertising partner, and more.
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